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6 hours 3 minutes ago

▪️We Agree▪️

It’s a running theme here on bare cubs. Mostly because we are big advocates for the early and continuing conversation on defense health.
Next month we will be taking on our podcast to sex educator Paula Bowman, on how to do this and when to start.
If you haven’t already check out our podcast with Paula on postpartum sex.
You can find bare cubs on iTunes and soundcloud.

bare cubs

2 days 1 hour ago

◼Food Failure◼

Mama Tee may have failed her challenge, but she has some advice on how you can succeed. Read on to find out how to cut your grocery bill in half.

bare cubs

3 days 1 hour ago

▪️What is real self-care?▪️

A great article from the pool blog. Amy Jones writes how buying that expensive candle or cashmere slippers is not what self care is for most people. It’s taking the time to have a shower, shave your legs or even eat at proper meal times!

How do you think certain social media post and blogs such as goop, affect our subconscious mindset? How is consuming caring for our selves?

Click the link to find the article. Let us know what real self care is for you?

bare cubs

4 days 15 hours ago

▪️Potty “Training” the Montessori Way▪️

Mama J has started potty training with 16 month old baby Magnus. Mama Tee has her 2 year old trained and in big boy undies.

Watch this video for the tips and tricks they used to start early and be successful.


Potty Training - The Scoop on Poop!