a naked approach to parenting



we are two flawed mothers who love the idea of parenting in the simplest, most natural way possible. after being unable to find adequate information online, and wading through a lot of questionable thoughts and practices, we came up with the idea of creating the village we envisioned. by gathering resources, sharing advice, and offering support, we are working to build a community of instinctive parents who are intent on raising their children bare.


momma j

parenting▪​ mother of two
▪ married
▪ american
▪ passionate
▪ drinker of tea
▪ hardworking
▪ essential oils fanatic

entrepreneur with healthy moms fitness, lily cosmetic boutique, freelance makeup artist. believes in positive parenting. refuses to fall to the negatives of the environment of her upbringing. longtime vegetarian. eagerly seeks out new information for helping her to raise healthy, respectful boys. in order to change the world we must first change ourselves. journeying through life with her husband. 



mama tee


 mother of one
▪ outdoorsy
 animal lover
▪ sarcastic and quick-tempered
▪ slowest knitter
▪ vegan of 17 years
▪ pirate obsessed


enjoys puzzles, harry potter, game of thrones, superheros, colourful tattoos, and, above all else, cake. writer. content creator. adventurer in nature. too cynical to be a full-fledged hippie. working on perfecting her introverted ways. believes you cannot love a child too much. 



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