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buyer be bare -montessori rocking boat – review

buyer be bare -montessori rocking boat – review

 This week on buyer be bare, Momma J has found a new addition to the play room. It’s another “Montessori/open-ended toy” called the rocking boat. You may or may not remember back in the fall when Momma J was considering building a pikler triangle. well, instead she has opted for this.

Rocking Boat Review

There is a great family run business in L.A. called RAD Children’s Furniture that hand makes toys and furniture inspired by RIE, PIKLER AND WALDORF. The site is filled items from every parent and toddler’s dream playroom. They sell these rocking boats, but they are a little bit on the expensive side. Way better than the cost on Amazon at the moment, though.


I was lucky enough to find this gem on a moms swap Facebook group and the price was phenomenal. Honestly, I just couldn’t pass it up.

Not only is this toy a rocking boat, but when you turn it over it becomes a set of climbing stairs. I can’t tell you how many times Magnus, my 15 month old, has gone up and down, forwards and backwards, and even side-to-side. The thick wide sides prevent the boat from capsizing and makes it a stable toy for all ages. Even Mama Tee’s baby boy, who is two and a half, spent the day testing it out and my seven year old has been caught using it a nuber of times. Climbing at the toddler stage promotes a healthy curiosity, developed hand eye coordination, and even problem solving.

pros and cons


  • Large
  • Heavy
  • Expensive


  • endless play
  • perfect for ages 1- 6
  • long lasting toy
  • helps develop motor skills
  • creative toy

I for one am so happy to have this toy in our home and I believe the kids are too. One beautiful outcome is that I’ve noticed Magnus has stopped climbing everything in site now that he can explore this rocking boat.

I give it 5 paws

Thank you for listening. if you liked this review, consider reading my last one on stacking blocks.

this is Momma J signing off.

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