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buyer be bare – nesting block – toy review

buyer be bare – nesting block – toy review

Buyer Be Bare

building blocks

Welcome to a new feature we are rolling out called buyer be bare. Bare cubs will start offering product reviews on home, beauty and, most importantly, toys. These are items we find, use, and either love or even loathe. This week Momma J purchased a nesting block set online from Walmart. Let’s here what she thinks of these toys. 

The Review


These stacking blocks would be considered a Montessori toy, if they weren’t plastic. While it certainly sounds fancy, it is actually quite genius as well. These types of toys, which are sometimes called open ended toys, are full of endless possibilities, stimulate different learning approaches, fosters creativity, and actually last longer than your average noisy, light-up toy.

Open-ended toys offer your child a time to use their imagination. The toy doesn’t have a specific function until the person playing with it decides what is is. Is it a stairway? A hiding spot for a ball? A shoe rack? Who knows?!

Both young and older children enjoy the diversity of these blocks and they have invoked endless fun and new games almost daily for Momma J and her cubs.

Pros & Cons


  • Colourful
  • Holds baby’s attention
  • Open-ended – no limit to play
  • Low cost so most families can enjoy them


  • As mentioned, they are plastic and we would prefer a recycled material
  • The edges do not feel good when you step on them – like most toys

Of course, we are advocates for open-ended toys. They often say children prefer the box the toy came in rather than the toy itself, this is often because a box is a blank canvas. Actually, a plain old cardboard box is a wonderful open-ended toy itself. These stacking blocks are made to last, nurture creativity, and like Scholastics says, “A child engaged in open-ended play is simply going with the flow. They are exploring open-ended materials — objects that have multiple uses and infinite possibilities, like the ones mentioned above, and others, such as paint, clay, sand, mud, water, blocks, and Legos.”

History proves these toys can withstand the test of time, but the real question is, what would you use these blocks for?

If you are looking for some open-ended toys, you can find our search on Amazon search here or check out Etsy for the many handmade and ethically produced toys they offer. Have fun and let us know if you find a real gem. 

In conclusion, I give this product a rating of three out of five.

Thanks for listening, this is Momma J signing off!

This post is in no way sponsored. The views and opinions are my own.

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